Boston Puzzle

The other day Mike & I were talking about something, Lord knows what, and I mentioned how we had this puzzle. He didn’t believe me. Saturday he came home and I pulled it out to show him. I asked if he would work on it with me and he said if I cleaned off the dining room table off then he would help me. (Lord have mercy I DID NOT want to clean off the table. It was a catch all disaster.)

*In the process of separating out the edges.*
*2 hours into the project.*

*Much later that night. About 12 hours later.*
WOW! He impressed me. I was not expecting him to get so involved. Once he pushes his ADD to the back  of his mind he is really intense. Almost didn’t let me work on it. Sheesh. 
Oh so get this! When we finish Mike says “Hey do we have any modge podge?” With total seriousness I ask him “How do you know what modge podge is?” Apparently he and his brother used to put together puzzles and then glue them when they were done. HA! Who knew? Now to glue & frame it to put on the wall. Will post pix when it gets put up.

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