April Fools. I Win!

Ok so I’m totally thrilled that I got a few pranks on my hubby this year. I can never pull a fast one on him since he was part of the biggest frat in the US (Army) and is always on guard. I researched some easy pranks a few months ago and these are the ones I did. They were all things I already had in the house and would take a few minutes to do it. I’ll explain each one and then tell you how I laughed my ass off while he was showering. BWAHAHAHAHAHA
*Clear nail polish on bar soap. Keeps the soap from lathering up*

*Super glue body wash shut*

*Orajel on the toothbrush*
Ok so the 31st, Mike was on shift which meant I could prepare for the next morning when he got home. Sunday bein a lazy day, I got up late, we hung out and bothered each other like usual. Then we decided we were hungry and he wanted a burger for lunch. So off to the shower we go….
-Mike showers first. If not I take up all the hot water and he gets pissy. I brushed my teeth to keep myself from busting out laughing while I’m watching him shower in the mirror. 
-He tries the bar soap first and turns it over in his hands a few times trying to figure it out. Finally gets it to lather up. I’m giggling at this point.
-Next, he moves to the body wash. FAIL. Superman over here opened it no problem. Dammit. Oh well.
-Last, he grabs his toothbrush and toothpaste. Starts brushin his teeth. He pulls it out and looks at it. (Im laughing thinking about the look on his face!!!) Keeps brushing. 
Then says “Did you do something to my toothpaste?” 
Mike- “Did you put orajel on the toothbrush?”
Me- “Maaaaaaaaaybe.”
At this point I’m laughing so hard!! He then says “What did you do to my bar soap?” All like *click* as if the light bulb went off. So I told him. He gave me props for getting him. I think the look on his face while he was showering was the best part. 
I WIN!! 
Now to plan next year. hehe


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