New Grocery Bags

I am LOVING my new storage totes from Thirty-One Gifts!! I got 2 so I could use them at the grocery store for quick trips on the way home. I keep em in my car so I can cut down on nasty plastic bags. Here’s the meaning behind the sayings on each one.

Bargain Hunter (left side, Hot Pink, Style 10 Embroidery)- I am one of those people who never buys anything full price (except food). I look in my favorite stores every week and price watch. Once it goes on “sale” I continue to watch the prices and sizes (if applicable) and wait til the last minute to buy it.

Goin’ Gruene (right side, Kelly Green, Style 16 Embroidery)- This one is a play on words. Inside my town is another little town called Gruene, pronounced “Green” by the locals. Now if you ask a true German it’s a little bit different. So with everyone “Goin’ Green” lately I figured I would too with a German twist. People in town do double takes when they read it. Makes me smile.

*Storage Totes in Pin Dots*

*Pictured with my Market Thermal in Circle Spirals*

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