ily board

So I found this picture on and it took me to this blog. It was a really cute idea minus the fact that it was a lil plain. I replicated it but with a twist. I wanted it to match my decor around the house a lil better.
Cheap frame from Target: $8
Sticky glitter letters: $3
Scrapbook paper: $0.50
All I did was put the scrapbook paper behind the glass. 
Then I put the sticky letters on the frame. 
Super easy, super quick. Usually the days that Mike comes home from shift I’ll use a dry erase marker and post a quick note why I love him. Here’s a few examples:
You rescued me from heartache.
You can make me laugh even when I’m pissed at you.
You don’t mind doing the crappy chores. 
He thought it was a lil gay the first day I did it but now I think he looks forward to the notes when he comes home. I’m waiting for him to do it back without me saying anything. I’ll def take a pic that first day I get a note back. 


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