I’m on a Boat!

So hubby & I went on a cruise for 7 days. It was maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar-velous. Reason? None. Just that we hadn’t been on vacation since we eloped. It was time. I came back in such a better mood. We went on the Carnival Magic through Key West, FL; Freeport & Nassau, Bahamas. (Totally avoided Mexico and the drama there.) It was cheap too. Compared to other cruises and considering we went in January. I can’t wait to go on another one.
*Side note: A cruise boat (same company none the less) sank in Italy the last two days on our trip. Oh well. I’ll still cruise again.
Here are a few pictures from the trip that marked some of my fave spots. *sigh* I wish I could live in Key West. Maybe when we retire? It’s a dream.
Key West, FL
The southern most point of the continental USA. 
YAY! I made it to Margaritaville!!
Nassau, Bahamas
It’s cheesy but cute. Had to mark our spot in the Bahamas. 
Carnival Magic

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