I LOVE my side job!!!

I just got home from the Thirty-One Gifts spring product premier and I’m so excited for this year!!! They’ve made some great changes, updates and gotten new incentives! 
  1. Instead of 2 catalog changes a year we are now doing 3!! Spring, Summer, Fall/Winter!! YAY!
  2. New Products, patterns and uses!!!
  3. More incentives for consultants. Parties, sales, recruits and more!!
  4. Lastly, Thirty-One Gives! (As seen below)

Thirty-One Gives is a new foundation that is going to help the battling statistics of domestic violence, low self esteem in young girls and women in general. I’m so excited to see what becomes of this new effort. Domestic Violence is especially close to my heart so anything that helps give back to the community to help families get through the trying times, I’m all in!! Below is the new thermal tote that is $16 but $1 of that goes to the foundation every time it is ordered. You bet I’ll be getting a few of em!


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