Made in the USA

So lately I’ve been on a “only buy Made in the USA items” kick. I’m really trying to become one of those people who supports local farmers & companies who produce/distribute in the US. I’m not so extreme to do the organic only but I do want my money to go back into my country. If that makes sense. I love shopping at HEB because they support small local businesses as well as buying meat & produce from Texas farmers. I haven’t been to a Farm-to-Market yet but I’m trying to schedule that in as a New Year Resolution.

Anywho, back to my original intentions of the post. I started this kick by switching my body wash, face wash & shampoo. Start small. DOVE is a great one! Completely all USA! I’m working on toothpaste, deodorant, etc. next. So one day I was sitting at the table with my amazingly handsome man, with a grip of dip in his lip, and proceeded to pick up his Grizzly Mint to read the can.

Myself- “Uhhhhh Babe?”
Mike- “Yes?”
Myelf- “You need to switch dip.”
Mike- “Why’s that?”
Myself- “Because this isn’t made in the USA. We need to get this a USA household.”
Mike- “My bad.” (With a total smirk on his face.)

So after that he switched back to Copenhagen, which happens to be his fave and it’s made in the US. WHOOO HOOO!!

So we went to HEB one day for a few groceries and on the shelf is the rare Copenhagen Danish Christmas cookies!! In the blue tin of course!! Every year I look for these damn cookies, sometimes I find them sometimes I don’t. This year, I found em! So as we are walking out of the store I’m trying to open my cookie tin for one of these delicious melt in your mouth butter cookies. My husband then proceeds to tell me that we need to take them back because they are made in Denmark, not the US. I tell him that they share the name Copenhagen with his dip so it’s a 6 degrees of separation for the USA and it counts. LoL I WIN! I know. I know. It’s not the same, but I wanted those cookies dammit! Sometimes you just gotta take one for the team. hehe


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