Houston Texans

Now see I’ve been a Houston fan since they were the Oilers, in a house full of Cowboys fans. I’m the odd ball out even though all of my family comes from Houston.*Shrug* I don’t get it. So first it was the Houston Oilers, then they moved to Tennessee and became the Titans, & lastly Houston decided they really did need a football team and out came the Texans!! The Texans first season was in 2001, and honestly we kinda suck. Whatever. I’ll stand by my men, no worries. So every year we win at least 7 games and flop the rest. We have a tendency of being strong the first half and then slackin off the last quarter to just give away the game. Super frustrating as a fan.

So this year we started off great and then about game 7 or 8 we stayed great. Whoooooooooooa, whoa, whoa. WTH? Right now we are 10-5 with the AFC South Division title. THAT’S OUR FIRST EVER!!! Hence why I’m devoting one whole blog entry to this! I even went to different stores looking for a division champ shirt. I got one. Mike says since I have this one then I wont need a Superbowl one. HA! Has he got another thing coming. Anyways, super excited for my team this year and just thought I’d mark it in my history book.

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