Thanksgiving Part 2

Lord have mercy. We hosted our first ever Thanksgiving in our house this year. 12 people in our lil house for lots of fun, hollerin and chaos. We had just my side of the family this year since there was plenty of us. My little brother, his g/f and Baby Max came. (Pictured below.)

My gorgeous older sister, her hubby and their 3 boys drove down all the way from Michigan to visit us! I love seeing my sister! It’s always good times for all.

Here is my dad preparing the dinner table for beer pong. WAIT! Just kidding. He’s texting or something.

Ready to dig in!

After we all ate & cleaned, we walked to the school in our neighborhood so the boys could run off some of their energy. Mike & I had yet to get a “family” pic with our doggies so this is as good as it gets for now.

This is my all time favorite holiday because I can eat like a obese person and not have people look at me weird. I just love the season, weather, and great recipes!! It was a huge success!


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