Firecracker Saltines

There’s a great lil sandwich shop in New Braunfels called Cravings and when you order a sandwich from them, you get a side of Firecrackers. I can eat a whole box by myself. They are incredibly addicting. Yet ridiculously expensive to buy from this place. So I googled around trying to find a recipe. Low and behold  Miss Zoot had an easy as pie one to use! TA-DA!!!

2 sleeves of Saltines 
2/3 cup of oil
1 envelope of ranch dressing mix
1 Tbsp. garlic powder
2 Tbsp. red pepper flakes
1-gallon ziploc bag
1) Gather all ingredients

2) Mix oil and seasonings into measuring cup or bowl. 
(I added extra red pepper because I like it spicy enough to make my nose run.)

3) Put saltines into ziploc and pour mixture over saltines.

4) SHAKE IT!! Well. Turn over and over again until well coated. 

These never last long in my house. Hubby and I usually take the whole container with us to the couch and munch on em while watching a movie. Great for parties with a lil cheese and wine. Or even stock up and toss em into the man cave with the guys. Goes great with beer. Best invention EVER!


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