My Bestie is a Mrs.

I had the privilege of being Matron of Honor in my best friend’s wedding this past weekend. She’s been dating this guy named Bobby for about 5 years and they finally tied the knot. I’m very happy for her and hope that he keeps her happy. She’s a tough one to keep happy, Mike says she’s my “mini-me.” Which is very true.
Anywho, the wedding was on Saturday so I had to take off from work on Friday for rehearsal stuff and then all day Saturday. It was a looong 3 day weekend. Mike and I stayed at Hotel Indigo in downtown San Antonio for the night because the wedding was at 11 am the next morning. Therefore I had to be at Katie’s hotel room at 730 am to start getting ready. UGH! I hate getting up early. So I got up, got Starbucks for myself, Katie and the other bridesmaid, proceeded to Katie’s hotel to get beautified. Mike got to sleep in and take his time getting ready. (Damn men.) She was such a fun bride to work with. Easy going & low key. She knew what she wanted and if she didn’t she just let it go and let things happen. Her wedding turned out BEAUTIFUL!!! I was amazed at how well coordinated everything looked even with her being 500 miles away the whole time it was being planned. I saw her off to her honeymoon, an Alaskan Cruise. (Who in their right mind does that?!?!?) And can’t wait for her to get back to gossip about all the stuff we didn’t get to talk about while she was shuffling around tending to her guests.
I can’t believe she’s married & graduated too! The day of rehearsal she was actually supposed to be walking the stage for Texas A&M for her Bachelor of Arts in English. Amazing. She’s worked so hard and I’m so super proud of her. I’m looking forward to what our friendship may hold together in the future.


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