Bridal Portraits

Behind the Scenes

Lafmil Photography

So here’s the story behind the bridal portraits:
I bought this dress off the mannequin in a mall. I knew Mike and I would get married at some point and after trying this dress on and then finding out it was the last one made, I HAD to have it. I got a super amazing deal on it because of the fact that it was discontinued. Well needless to say we never had a wedding. (We eloped on a vacation to Boston.) So then this dress was sitting in my closet, never worn with nothing to look forward to. We had wanted to plan a reception for all our friends and family but a year came and went and nada.
One day a friend of mine, whom I met in a class at SAC, put on his facebook that he was looking for models to build up his portfolio. I jokingly asked if he needed bridal portraits for his portfolio since I had a dressed that had never been worn and I needed pix anyways. He said “hell yeah!” Anywho, this is just one of the pix he took. It’s one of my top favorites. I need to get a different one blown up and framed so I can put it in the living room for a vintage celebrity theme. He did an amazing job as well as the make-up artist and hair stylist. LOVED them!!
I’ve even gone back to Dom to get my hair did and he totally captures my inner punk rocker and displays in through my hair! All of them are truly artists.
J Anthony Martinez-
Dominic Alonzo-

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