Padilla Wedding

So we went to another firefighter’s wedding this weekend. Good times were had by all. The wedding took place in Castroville, TX, about 30 mins from San Antonio. The reception was held at a hotel so it was super convenient for us and our other friends so we could just stay the night there and not have to worry about driving home after getting silly. We shared a hotel room with the Captain and his wife, they are crazier then us! LoL Mike claimed that this was his church quota for the year since it happened to be a Catholic wedding. Oh lord what am I going to do with that heathen? *shaking my head* Anywho, it was fun. Now I’ve got one more wedding at the end of the summer and then we are DONE with weddings for a while.
Here’s to Robby & Sandy Padilla! *cheers*


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