…is a faith based Christian company that is built on Proverbs 31. This verse talks about how a woman is worth far more than rubies, she clothes herself in fine linens and is more noble than all. Basically a woman of God that should be respected and treated as such. It’s a verse to try and live up to.

Anywho, the company is about a woman who started sewing purses and tote bags in her basement back in 2003 and became a small business owner. It blew up from there. Now it’s a direct slaes company like Avon, Mary Kay, Lia Sophia… all of those. See, I have never been very interested in those company because I don’t wear much make up or jewelry and I can’t sell something I don’t use or wear all the time. Like food. OMG I love food. I can sell food like it’s nobody’s business. Purses, I can sell purses. I can use a bag for anything and everything and tell you why you need one too. Bonus to this company is that they personalize the items and my name is super hard to find on ANYTHING! So the fact that I had a super cute, useful bag and it was unique like me makes me want to tell everyone about it.

How I got started:

A girl at my former job was showing a flier with a great special but I def could not get another lunch tote or Mike was going to KILL me so I asked if they had a messenger bag. I really needed one for school. They did. SCORE! So I’m flipping through the catalog, liking the stuff. She sends me the link for the new spring/summer catalog and I fall in love. Long story short the girl falls short on every expectation so I go looking for a new consultant on the Thirty-one facebook page. I “interview” a few ladies and decided to stick with Randi Rainwater. She’s been completely amazing!! I’ve probably bugged the complete crap out of her and she still puts up with me. *sigh* We are in a great loving Thirty-one relationship. LoL

So at this point Thirty-one is on a hiring freeze and she’s keeping me updated as to when it’s being lifted for new recruits. Well it was August 1st, firmly. Then all of a sudden… June! Blah blah blah. I sign up, get a few emails, pay the enrollment fee and Viola! I’m a consultant!!
From Now On:

My goal is to get to the top. HA! Ok, well my ongoing joke with Mike is to make more money than him. Then I will officially feel like I contribute to the finances. I do now because I work full time but I want to make sure that I make something of myself. I want to have a career title after my name. Mike has FF/EMT after his name, I want Director or Executive Director or something cool like that. That’s all. ;-D So, I’m bust my butt and be my own boss and set my own hours and DO THIS!!


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