Drugs, Habits & No Filter


Ever heard of it? Well it’s a medicine to prevent migraines. I’ve been getting migraines since high school that I know of for sure. Now that I can look back on the different symptoms and see how I reacted to different stimuli I now know that I’ve had them for a long while. So, last year I got health insurance finally saw a neurologist to get a diagnosis or to see if anything was going on that I was unaware of. God forbid a brain tumor or anything. Well, after an MRI and some lengthy discussion. NOTHING. Healthy and clear. So off with RXes I go. I’ve been taking Imitrex for about a year and ehhhhhh it’s alright. Sometimes it’ll work and then again it won’t. I’m the migraine sufferer that gets one about once a week and sometimes 3 times a week if stress is super high (a.k.a. finals week.) It SUCKS! They aren’t too bad most of the time. It’s usually a throbbing on the temples and I know oh take some meds and turn the light off or go to bed. But once I start to get tunnel vision it’s game over and it’s full blown. Those I sometimes have to get off from work and sleep in my car if I can’t drive home.

Moving along… I went to see a local doctor here in New Braunfels to try and start moving all my files here in town and he suggested I try this instead. All my physical symptoms said depression but my mood said I was fine. So I can’t sleep for a full night through, I’m constantly exhausted, of course the migraines, can’t drop weight to save my life the list goes on. So he says try this. Take one a day but do it before bed. I’m on the lowest dosage. I’m game for anything at this point. What the hell. So after a week here’s what I’ve come across:

1) In the mornings my hands feel like they are asleep. Constantly tingling. Not too weird if you know my prior circumstance but weird to feel it in my right hand now.

2) At night about an hour I take the medicine it makes my feet itch and tingle. I cant describe it. Only way to “fix” it is to put lotion and socks on.

3) I picked up a Coca-Cola in the morning with my breakfast sandwich (My version of coffee for caffeine intake) and I popped it open (can) and took a drink. It was flat. Noooooo. It was fresh we just bought these the other day. Took another drink. Flat. Weird.
*I googled side effects and carbonated beverages was #1, SHIT! I LOVE Coke. My one addiction. Oh well. That was all too easy.
4) Since Coke is out of the picture I started trying different sodas as this little experiment and Mike made a joke that the only one that wouldn’t taste funny would be Orange or Grape Fanta. I HATE both of those. Luckily they both tasted gross so I win! The only one that has not tasted flat no matter the time of day, hot or cold, has been Sprite. Sprite wins. So now I’m over my soda addictions. YAY! Maybe I can start to drop some weight.
5) I don’t know what’s in this stuff but I totally sleep through the night now. It’s amazing. No wonder he told me to take it before bed. I’ll deal with all the crappy side effects if I can sleep through the night and have less migraines. Amazing!!
Topamax. I’ll be a Ad Model for sure!

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