1 Down, 49 To Go…

So we have made it through one complete year of marriage. Lord have mercy if the rest are that easy we’ll be in for a treat. (Yeah right) I’ll you what though. 2010 was the year of change for us. We closed, sealed and burned a chapter for good. Got married, bought a house, I got my Associate’s degree and many more. It was a great year. Now we are moving onto year two and getting settled into a routine of being “husband and wife.” Honestly, isn’t that hard since we lived together for nearly 2.5 yrs before getting married. So we had jokingly made a “contract” to make it last for 50 years and that divorce wasn’t an option for us. Too many situations in our lives had made us truly evaluate the fundamentals and importance of getting married and that it was all or nothing. Now that we are in this for the long haul I joke that he better not die at 49.5 yrs or I’ll kick his arse when I find him in Heaven or Hell. Or he’ll say something like “Well…. that wasn’t in the fine print. It SAID until death.” OH NO!! FOOOOOOREEEEVEEEER!!! (In the Squints voice from Sandlot.)

None the less, we’re working on this coming year and everyone keeps asking the infamous question “Sooooooo When are you having kids?” NEVER! Geez. I don’t know. When I finish school. When I don’t go to bed at 9:30 and feel like a grandma. When I have enough money to put gas in my car to get to work to put food in the dog bowls AND THEN food on my own plate. When I stop feeling happy about handing kids back to their own parents. *sigh* I love the feeling of coming home to a quite house. I don’t know, that fever/itch hasn’t hit yet. Maybe it won’t. Who knows.
Until then I’m enjoying my doggies and my husband. We go to the river and lake, have fun with our couple friends, enjoy quite time, I can read a book for hours on end and not be disturbed. Yes life is beautiful without hellions right now. 49 more years….

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