Gotta Love the Season

*Sigh* This season is nothing but trouble, heartache and anger. I HATE the Christmas season because of the weather, the lack of courtesy, stupidity and just plain selfishness of people. To add to all this I’m driving to work this morning; mind you I’m early because there was minimal traffic. So I’m not in a rush like usual, I’m on an overpass that is an access road to the highway and as I’m passing an accident on my right hand side I get into an accident. There is minimal fog, mist that is not quite rain, and tons of idiots on the roads. The roads are slick because San Antonio paves for drought not water, which leads to more accidents than necessary.

There’s 3 cars; myself the black SUV in front of me and a white car in front of them. The white car, like a jackass, decides to stop at a yellow light. In turn the black SUV right in front of me tries to get into the right lane to avoid hitting them. As this happens I try to get into the median to avoid hitting them, slam on my brakes and slide RIGHT INTO the back of them.

*My car. Mainly cosmetic damage.*

*Shady Girl’s car*

Here’s why I say she’s shady. As soon as it happens I call Mike and tell him. I tell him to call Jan (his mom) because she lives right up the road and I was shaken up. So then there’s a lady who stayed a few mins to give us her info as a witness and let’s “Shady Girl” borrow her phone. I get off the phone and ask the lady if the police have been called yet. She says “No, I don’t think so. Why don’t you go ahead and call em.” I go back to my car and Shady Girl comes up to me and says “Can you wait to call 911 until I get a hold of my husband?” Ok…. Fine. I wait a few more mins. Finally Shady Girl comes back to tell me that she wasn’t driving her husband was (who is not on scene) because she doesn’t have her license. OH HELL NO!!! I am not lying to the police because you’re an idiot. NO WAY! Then her “husband” shows up and tries to use reverse psychology on me and repeat the story back to me but my mama didn’t raise no fool.

Cop shows up. Talks to idiot H&W (husband and wife), I stand away from them and give the officer my info. He comes to my car to get info and I straight up tell him that H&W are lying. The W was the one driving and that the H showed up about 20 mins ago. They also tried to get me to lie for them as well. I told him my father was SAPD for 15 years and I would not lie about something like that. He goes back and rips them a new one. It was marvelous! I’m sorry I rear-ended you. I’m sorry your license was lost/expired/stolen. I’m sorry you claim to be pregnant but ya kinda just look fat. BUT when you are saying “Hey call me a tow truck too.” and “Is your insurance going to get me a rental car?” and “How good is your insurance?” You are just looking to scheme on me. Stupid B*TCH!!! (Excuse my language.) Anyways life goes on and yet another one of Murphy’s wonderful Laws is proven to me again.

*God, when do I get a break? I’m tired of you always testing my strength and patience.*


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