Welcome to…

*The Baumgartels*

We met in August 2007 and have had an interesting relationship ever since. We have faced more trials and tribulations in our first year that many would never face in 20. We have grown stronger together and I believe it will only get better as we continue on. If you know either one of us or both then you will easily know the other. We reflect each other so well it’s kinda creepy sometimes. He is my better half. And I’m that woman standing beside him being the co-pilot. (It just works better that way. Haha) Here’s a lil more about us as individuals.


Grew up as an Air Force brat so he’s from a little of everywhere. Though he calls Texas and the New England areas home. Graduated from MacArthur High School. Joined the Army so he could be all he could be and later came back to Texas after that. He then went back to school and decided he wanted to be a firefighter. (The picture below is us at his Fire Academy Graduation.) He now is a firefighter, EMT-Basic and a HazMat Technician. Pretty cool if you ask me.


I grew up in San Antonio, TX and graduated from James Madison High School. I’m currently in college trying to finish up my Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. I have worked and gone to school at the same time so I don’t really have much spare time. I’ve worked in daycares, restaurants, offices and my favorite was Family Violence Prevention Services. I was previously married but it didn’t work out so we divorced on many reasons. It was definitely a lesson learned in life. Yet I feel it has made me a better person and a much better wife this time around. I’m so thankful for having Mike in my life and he keeps me grounded when I need it most. That’s me in a nutshell.

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