Well this year the guys were on shift for Turkey Day so the wives decided to make the best of it and have Thanksgiving at the station with our men. The guys were in charge of the turkey and the women did the rest, Here are the step by step of Firefighters deep-frying a turkey. It was quite hilarious!

*Robby suited up for the drop*

*Cap prepping for the transition to fryer*

*Carefully picking up the turkey*

*Getting nervous about putting the bird into the oil*

*AYE!! It’s in and starting to bubble!!*

*Mike with the extinguisher. Just in case*

Needless to say the turkey came out and it was DEE-LISH!!! The process was quite hilarious though. To think this is who is called for the idiots who don’t properly fry their turkeys. I love our guys and our family extravaganzas. Quite entertaining and not so much drama. Here is the table right after everything was done and set.

*Cap and his man-pris that CJ decided would be oh so cute on him*

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