Our Own Family


We went on vacation to Boston on Memorial Day week to visit his family and to see the sites. (I had never been to that part of the U.S.) Before we left we decided to get married while we were up there so his grandmother could be a part of our special day. Also, we didn’t want a big thing and “eloping” sounded like fun. (Too bad some people knew before we left so it wasn’t quite eloping.) Well Massachusetts has a waiting period like Texas so we had to tie the knot on the last day of our trip and haul butt back to Boston to catch our flight to Texas. It was very sweet, intimate and calm. This is one of my favorite pictures from that day. Plus I told Mike he officially signed a 50 year contract with me on that day. (He better not die on me on our 49th year or I’ll be PISSED!!!)

*Our First Home*

We purchased our first house in July 2010. We had been looking around for about a year thinking about what we wanted in a house. Location, location, location. We mutually agreed: NOT IN SAN ANTONIO!! We both hate the city and wanted something a little more rural. Our conclusion? New Braunfels, TX. It’s about 20 miles out of the city limits so we’re not in the desolate farm land. Yet it has everything we need close by. We LOVE it here!!! It’s so calm and quiet. The second picture is what you see when you pull out of our neighborhood. NOTHING!!


We call her our “Teenager.” She’s very sassy and yet craves attention. She was Mike’s before I came into the picture. Yet she loooooves me whenever he’s not home. Mike rescued her from a not so nice home and has been loving on her since about January 2007.

This was my family dog growing up. Since we got the house he came along and has loved it ever since. He’s such the gentle giant. So calm and sweet. He’s a few good years left on him and we hope to make it his best before he goes.


Sigh, the baby of the family. We got her Easter weekend of 2009 and she’s been such the baby since then. She’s a HUGE cuddle bug and loves her mommy! *wink* We adopted her from a local rescue and have had the best time with her. We think she’s mostly Border Collie but we want to test her DNA since we have no history of her. She’s quite the brat though, totally spoiled and has NOT A CLUE how good she has it. Lela is the last of our furbabies.


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