Ahhhh 2010…

April- Finally closed my case with my baggage and washed my hands of him.

May- Took a vacation to Boston with my man.

June- Got married while on vacation at Boston. Although we got married in Concord, MA.

July- Bought a house and nearly died from all the anxiety of the process.

August- Quit both my jobs to be a teacher for 2 year olds in a preschool, full time with benefits. I LOVE IT!!!

Does it get much better than that? It could. I’m just waiting. Its amazing that this has just been a blessed year. I have a great little family started, amazing friends who love me, and a good head on my shoulders making some wise decisions. I got literally a whole new start. New last name, new city/house, new job… It’s just great. LoL I feel like I’m blushing all the time. We’ll see how the rest of the year goes.


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