I left him in court with his momma crying.

That’s the summed up version. Essentially we FINALLY went to court to close my past. The scenario was complete bullshit though! His lawyer got up there with all their witnesses saying that he’s really a good person, it was just an isolated incident and he didn’t deserve the full punishment. The ADA went up and said that who were they to know it was an isolated incident and that one time is enough. (Mind you the ass tried to kill me and caused me to be “handicap” for the rest of my life.) Anyways it went back and forth for about an hour or so and the judge finally agreed to give him what he wanted. GET THIS! 100 days in jail and then 10 years probation. If he finishes the 10 years then the charges are dropped. Can you believe that shit? For trying to KILL someone? Needless to say it was bittersweet because it was all finally done and over with yet it was not justice by any means. After all that I got to go up there and make a statement about everything and I tore into them. I looked straight at the lawyer and told her that she had no right to tell me and the court that it was an isolated incident because she was NOT the victim and never went through my experiences with him. Secondly, I thought it was crap that he got off so light and I was stuck with a huge scar on my arm that is a daily reminder of what he did to me. I will never be fully healed and have forever had my independence robbed of me. I also mentioned that I didn’t want anyone’s sympathy by any means, I just wanted people to understand what I went through and what he did to me.

After I had my say I left with my mom and Mike and I washed my hands of him. That’s it. Unfortunately he still haunts my dreams every once in a while but then I wake up, look next to me and I know without a doubt that I’m safe now.

He’ll get his in due time. Karma never fails.


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