So Close yet So Far

Trial? Nope not happening. Basically I’m getting an arbitration instead. Whatever I don’t even care anymore. Sick of drama and bull, just want to wrap it up and start my new fresh chapter with Mike. I should have results from the court on April 1st. *fingers crossed*

School… Aye always an adventure. Math is a no go again this semester. The instructor is no bueno. Gonna drop and take it in the summer. Ugh I don’t like math. Finance or money related is no issue but the “algebra” crap they try to make you learn is almost useless unless you are a stats person or a total dork to actually use all that. BAH! Picked up a flex 2 online economics class cuz I needed it but the instructor is requiring a LOT of assignments and we have to go to SAC to take the exams. How stupid. Whats the point of taking it online if I still have to come to campus? I never have understood that. If all goes well I’ll graduate from SAC in December with an AA in Business Admin. Thank the Lord. About effin time. Geez. Then on to TAMUSA for a year and I’m DONE!!! I’m so close I can almost taste the success. EEK!

Family… I haven’t spoken to my mom in over a month. I just don’t know how to react to her. The only person I’ve talked to is my little brother cuz I really don’t have anything against him except for his baby mama. I can’t believe my mom had the nerve to ask me to come to the little wench’s baby shower when she knows that I don’t care for her one iota. I’m curious to see how things play out once the baby shows up. OH! The spare bedroom at my parents’ house is now a nursery for the little bastard child. Unreal. That is exactly why my brother will never move out on his own because my parents’ are making things too easy for them so why should they be independent?

All I know is that Mike and I booked our vacation to Boston and I’m gonna jet and not tell my parents when I’m going. I mean sheesh they’re gonna be too busy being new parents and all. Why does it matter where I am or what I’m doing? LoL besides after freaking baby mama made that big scene with me saying I’m jealous of her having all the attention when she got preggo. I’ll come back from Boston, possibly be married and they won’t know we left or got married and when that comes out then who’s gonna be jealous because they don’t have the attention on them anymore? Oh that would so not be me!!! LoL Whatever I’m over her little games. Ahhhh can’t wait to runaway from this hell hole for a week.

*Make it a great day or not, the choice is yours.*


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