Valentine’s Day *Gag*

Ok let’s start off with the fact that I am NOT a roses, chocolate and chic flick kinda girl. Flowers are worthless because they die after a few days. Chocolate is good but it doesn’t “do” anything for me, eh. Chic flicks are only if I REALLY want to see it OR if it’s based on a book and I read the book. So with all that in mind, I particularly don’t enjoy this commercialized holiday. If you are going to get me something to show you love me don’t give me something that dies or can be eaten. Give me something that keeps on giving like a book, video game, clothes… All in all the day is obnoxious and I hate the girls/women who can’t fathom to understand why I don’t appreciate the holiday. My response to them every time is “Because my man shows me he loves me throughout the whole year, yours uses this day to make up for the 364 days he screwed up or ignored you.” Not my problem that women don’t hold out for a man that treats them like a princess or queen throughout the whole year and not just on their birthday, anniversary or v-day. Ah anyways, all we did was go to eat cuz we were to lazy to make dinner. BUT on Monday (the next day) he surprised me with tickets to the San Antonio Fine Wine and Cuisine Festival! It was amazing. Those are the kind of gestures he does throughout the year that make me not care about Valentine’s Day. He’s a keeper FOR SURE!!!


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