One Month Down, Eleven To Go

Weight-loss challenge: Mike’s lost 12 lbs, I’ve lost 2.5 and everyone else is slowly progressing too. One of the wives, Sandy, said she’s lost a pant and shirt size so far! I’m really proud of her. We are all really working at this except for one but when that one person can’t join the others on the trip I wont feel bad because of their lack of effort. It’s all mind over matter and that first month is ALWAYS the hardest. Now it’s pretty much a lifestyle since we altered our eating habits. Mike and I need to start exercising because we barely do now and that would drastically drop some pounds for him and tone my flab for me. I’m excited that we’ve accomplished so much. 5 months to go…

Vacation: Initially we were shooting for Boston during Spring Break BUT not sure if we could save up the needed funds by then. Also I want to walk through Boston to see the sites and it’ll still be cold then and I’m not a happy person when I’m cold. Now we are looking at the first week in June because that’s the only time I’m out of school between maymester and summer school. BUT we are having to wait til the end of this month to see when the trial is being set for, if it’s around that time then I’m f*cked for school and vacation. Any who, we’re looking to spend a week in Boston to visit his grandmother and see the sites since I’ve never been to the New England area. We shall see…

The Trial: UGHHHHHHH! I’m so sick of hurry up and wait. AND THEN when they want something out of me I get it to them and then whatever they were working on fell through. It’s so frustrating when you don’t receive justice for someone trying to kill you until 3 years later? Rape cases are done faster than this! It’s such a simple case too because they have a recording of him confessing he did it! And then the justice system wonders why 1) people don’t bother pressing charges or 2) there are vigilantes out there, because nothing gets done!!!

Family: O-M-G do they have some issues!!! Nana gets kicked out from mom and dad’s house. My brother is still with his fat, lazy, baby mama to-be at my parents house. My parents marriage was pretty much a sham for 15 years. My mom is incredibly blind to all the bullsh*t she surrounds herself with. I honestly don’t want to be a part of it/them anymore. I’m doing damn well and surrounding myself with their shortcomings and stupidity makes me look stupid for putting up with it. Luckily Mike supports me in my decisions regarding them and that helps me stay firm in my choices. I’m just holding out until this new baby shows up and to see what happens from there. It’s sad that I’m not excited AT ALL for this nephew. The other 5 I was stoked every time, this one I have no desire to be around him. I just don’t know how things will go.

I’m done ranting for now. I’m so frustrated. As long as I keep focusing on school I’m able to push out all the other crap and I’m not so angry. Hmmm something to ponder over.

*Make it a great day or not, the choice is yours*


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