Year to Kick Ass

So I’m starting off my year with a weight loss challenge against Mike. First off it’s not on the basis of pounds cuz I would lose in a heart beat since he has more to lose. Second it’s fire guys vs the wives. Third we’re giving ourselves 6 months to do this. The Prize is a weekend getaway to the coast with the “team.” (i.e. girls beach weekend or guys fishing weekend) So I’m trying to lose about 10 pounds and exercise more, mainly just want to firm up and tone certain areas. Anyways, that’s my first challenge for the year.

Next, trying to get my shit wrapped up with my ex. I’m so over him and all the drama he drags along. I just want to close the case and be done with it. Next court date is in Feb which hopefully they’ll set the last date from there and we can all move on with our lives. Ugh it’s been dragged out to almost 3 years, you would think that was long enough but who am I to say?

Back to school again this semester, just 4 classes and a maymester this time. Shooting for A’s and B’s like every semester. Working two jobs, SAC and as a childcare provider. Stinks that they’re both only part time but it’s helping get the debt paid off finally. Hopin to buy a house this year. *fingers crossed* Also hopin to finally graduate from SAC sometime this year. *fingers crossed*

Ahhh, loving my life with Mike. He’s such a goober but keeps me smiling and on my toes, it’s great! Oh and I’m finally hanging out with the other “wives” from his shift and we all get along pretty well. LoL He’s still amazed that we aren’t catty to each other, but why should we be when our men work every third day together? It’s a nice support group, because we all can bitch and vent to each other. They are great gals!

Well let’s see if anything gets accomplished this year. I can’t wait to wrap up a few things and start some others.

*Make it a great day or not, the choice is yours*


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