My First Tattoo

That was quite an experience. It was amazing though.

Ok so for a few years now I kept saying “one day I’m going to get a tat” one day one day… Well I started researching different shops and artists and nothing stood out to me like I HAVE to check it out. So I finally came across a picture of a purple ribbon with a safety pin through it, a real one. I loved it and kept it for whenever I decided to go through with it. (By the way this ribbon is for Domestic Violence Awareness and since I’m a Survivor, it’s befitting.)

Well I was at work one day and a girl I work with came in with a tattoo that looked amazing and I asked where she got it at. She told me right behind SAC and that it was an all female shop. So I got to thinking… Then another girl got a piercing at the same place and she gave me great reviews too. I go fiddling around and look through their myspace page and it has some of each artists’ work in different albums and they were all really good. Well I go to the shop to look around and talk to one of the ladies there. I ended up talking to Flaca. She was really sweet and I felt comfortable with her. So why the hell not, I scheduled an appt so she could sketch something up. (I’m surprised I didn’t chicken out last minute.) Anyways I get there for my appt fill out the paperwork, she sets up, places the stencil on me and then it’s go time.

Ok, it was not nearly as bad as some say it is. BUT! I did go through an extreme trauma with pain that I’ll have for the rest of my life so getting the tattoo was cake. The outline didn’t hurt at all. The shading hurt for some reason, the color it depended on the spot. It went numb after a while so it was whatever. The only thing was at the top of the ribbon it hit a bone/rib or something and I could feel the vibration in my teeth. THAT hurt like a bitch! So I’ve heard some people say that it’s such a rush and they have like 20+ tats and they’re addicted to the pain. What-the-fuck-ever! I get more of a rush on a roller coaster; this didn’t do shit for me. It was definitely an experience though. Will I get more? Not sure. It all depends on if something in my life should be documented in that form. Otherwise I’m going to stick to scrapbooking. (And this only took 45 mins, can’t imagine something bigger.)


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