The Proposal

So I “proposed” to Mike tonight. It was nerve racking but funny all in the same.

Ok here we go. Mike was on shift and doing a community thing for the department. I convinced Sara (Mike’s partner’s (Cameron) wife) to go with me because I was scurred. Anyways about 2 weeks before I had gone to James Avery and gotten a silver band for him. Here’s the reasoning behind it: he continues to introduce me to everyone as his “wife.” In essence it doesnt bother me but the fact that there was nothing to show for it kinda upset me. My theory was if he wears it then fine no biggie he can call me “wife” until we make it legal. (Honestly in all retrospect we’re common law, just no certificate to accompany it yet.) BUT if he didnt wear it then I would talk to him about the “title” and ask that he stop. Back to the proposal… so I got some candy, tissue paper, ribbon and constructed it so the ring was in with the candy. I go up to the event with Sara and Tyler aka Mouse (her lil boy) and have Tyler go and give it to Mike. Well we end up coaxing him to open and he sees the ring and I attached a tag that said “Official?” and he starts laughin, looks at me and says “Babe, it’s always been official.” AWWWWW!!! Needless to say it wasn’t as big of a deal as I was expecting.

Now we shall see what goes down from here and what goes on in the near future.

*Make it a great day or not, the choice is yours*


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