I went to my first firefighter’s funeral today with Mike. It was like any other funeral I had been to before. It was for a man in his late-eighties and it was his time to go. Here’s the thing; whenever I go to a funeral I can be sympathetic but I never shed a tear or show any outward emotion. Maybe it’s because its always been old people who lived out their life and are now in a better place. (Sheesh they weren’t goin to live forever.) It could also be because its never been anyone close to me. I’ve always gone in support with someone else. The one thing I can say for sure that always makes me teary eyed is the 21-gun salute. This time it was “The Last Alarm.” Maybe its the sudden sound of the guns/alarm, or the fact that I hope to never be on that front pew for one of my loved ones before they’re old and gray. It was a nice service packed with “old folks” mourning their friend. I don’t know it just scares me that I don’t carry any emotion for this. Haha my mom jokes its because I haven’t had kids yet and thrown my hormones out of whack. In due time. I must say though, my man looks HOT in uniform! *wink*



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