My Crazy Beautiful Life

First off my puppy, Lela, looks so much like Rona it makes me sad. She’s completely different tho. She’s very chill and calm and then all of a sudden she wakes up from a nap runs around the house and crashes again. She’s so cute it’s sickening. We’ve noticed she has some seperation anxiety if Mike or I leave, even if the other is still here. Boonie is slowly getting used to her LoL doesnt mean she has to like her tho. OH YEAH!! She chases rabbits in her dreams. She’s so into it that her whole body moves and she whimpers. Its hilarious. I love her tons.

Oh! Got a more permanent position working at SAC. Its still only part time but thats fine by me so I can overload with school and get the hell outta there. No more work-study, YAY!!! And its pays $0.75 more than work study. At least this will help build up my resume a lot. Hopefully I’ll get a lot more financial aid this year since I didnt make shit for income last year.

So I found out that the associate’s degree I was working on wont transfer to a 4 year university. I was pissed!! I’ll have 35 hours after this semester and only 18 hours will transfer. Basically I’m starting over but whatever I should be at TX State in a lil over a year. *fingers crossed*

Well Nana is moving back to SA. That should def be interesting. Mom n Dad still think they are opening a restuarant sometime soon, doubtful. Mike has yet to get full time at Spring Branch and he’s been there since last summer. He also should be Haz Mat certified by August, possibly EMT-Intermediate too. There is so much crazy shit goin on I have to sit and let it all go past so I can take a breath sometimes.

Aye let the good times roll.



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