My Wonderful Man

LoL so he took me to the rodeo to see Taylor Swift as my “Valentine’s Day” present and now he thinks that gets him off the hook til my birthday. Bah He’s got another thing coming. It was totally awesome though. She put on an amazing show and I cant wait for her to come back to San Antonio. Sunday morning he woke up before me and made homemade “McGriddles” for breakfast. LoL It was sweet not to mention really good. So last night he put together “date night” for us. Made dinner, bought a bottle of wine, rented a chic flick I was wanting to see and then took me to get Marble Slab ice cream afterwards. It’s all awesome that for some odd reason his romantic side is coming out and it doesnt bother me but I think it’s just because they are like simple gestures and not the corny sappy shit. That stuff on the other hand I cant stand like the flowers, chocolates or gag me things that every other woman would love. Anywho the fact of the matter is that all this shit is coming out of no where, dont get me wrong I’m eating it up. Yet at the same time it makes me wonder what he’s up to. Maybe he was always capable of it he’s just been feeling me out for the past 18 months to see what I would “accept” as not being corny. Aye I’m so confused. Whatever, the point is that it was totally out of the blue and all of a sudden this past month he’s doing all this random shit. I love him more than ever and it seems to just keep getting better even though the times are rough. Hopefully we’ll get married this year, we shall see. *sigh* I love him


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