Yes yes I know the date is already listed but I don’t have any clever titles for this post. Last night I worked the taco stand downtown with the family… WOW! My family has serious drama I didn’t know about, and not to mention that people are stupid in general. I got to see fireworks and the Tower of Americas change from ’08 to ’09… that was really pretty. Downside was that my love was working yesterday so my first new year kiss was my mom and dad. haha It was all good though. Well school starts in 12 days, I’m so excited for that cuz I’m bout ready to get back into a routine, its so boring! Anyways I’m just hoping for a better year than 2008, cuz it just plain sucked. LoL to top off my last day of a shitty year I got a parking ticket downtown on 31Dec08 for $20. Amazing, huh? It made me laugh more than anything. I refuse to accept a less than positive exciting year in 2009. OH! My friend/girlfriend (not quite sure how this is going with her) and her man are taking Mike and I out flying in his Mooney(I think that’s how you spell it) airplane to Fredericksburg next week! They are both pilots, that’s uber cool! Hopefully I’ll be getting lots of pix during this little excursion. I’m so excited it’s not even funny! Well that’s bout it for now, I’ll be back after my plane ride *wink*


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