Come on New Year

So many exciting things are awaiting in 2009.

But first a recap of 2008. I got released from duties at Buffalo Wild Wings! LoL that was something else all together but I’m glad I’m out of there. Mike got all his certifications as a Firefighter and EMT-B. I got a new nephew on July 31 st. WE celebrated our one year anniversary, although we don’t quite know what day it was. I took two classes and got an A and B in them!!! Working two jobs that I hate. Met an amazing woman that is so much like me its crazy. She’s a little more than a year older than me but we have been through so much in our lives that it seems like I’m looking into a mirror. Way cool chic! Douche’s court date got reset for either March or April. Divorce got paid for just need to take it to the judge. Mike and I are tossing around wedding ideas, still not sure when. Thanksgiving was awesome like always, it is my fave holiday after all. Christmas was great too (we celebrated early), I got the Wii Fit from Mike and that has some really fun games on it. I AM THE HULA HOOP CHAMP!! Not sure what my parents got me yet. Eh. New Year’s Eve I’ll be working the taco stand downtown with my family. That should be hella interesting!

What to expect for 2009… I’m taking 6 classes for the Spring, oh my! I’m really trying to have my 2-year degree by Spring or Summer of 2010. LoL as funny as that sounds since I graduated in 2005. Anyways… Mike turns 33, Ainsleigh is 3, all the boys are a year older and baby Owen will be one year old, of course I’ll be 23. Geezus ’09 will be full of crazy shit. I’ll be divorced, douche should be in prison. Maybe Mike and I will move outta the city limits and get a little house. Maybe getting a new last name? Who knows. LoL def no little ones from me yet. Mike may get a nephew or niece. *wink* Haha

I’m just glad to finally put this year behind me. It’s time to move on again. I’m sure by thanksgiving of next year I’ll be saying the same thing. At least until my life is final with Mike and the ex is in prison and I’m enjoying my new life. Also I’m getting used to being alone for 24 hours, it was hella hard that first and second time. Slowly but surely I’ll get my independence back. Well it’s time for a fresh start again, deuce!


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