I’m a Twilight Fan

Yes, I can now join the middle school craze and say I’m addicted. The books were PHENOMENAL!!! Read one a week til they were all gone! Sad but exciting. Those were probably the best books I have read in a long time. It’s funny cuz my mom was all upset that I would read horrible books about werewolves and vampires but if she could grasp the underlying love story she would love em too. Talk about page turners, WOW! Just felt the need to express my complete amazement over a saga like this. I wish the author would write more of this story it was wonderful.
More than likely when I get the money I will buy all four books and each movie as it comes out. Downfall was that the movie didn’t uphold to the book AT ALL, but it was awesome to see the book come to life. Anyways just thought I’d rant and rave about this awesome saga I felt forced to read with all the hype going around.


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