College is Crazy

Not to mention parents are annoying and people are STUPID! I would love to strangle some of the parents that call for their children but then get pissed off because we cant give them information because they aren’t the student. Your child is an adult now and you cant do anything about whether you are paying for his/her classes or not. LoL I really do get a kick out of the anger they have because they have no control. I’m just frustrated.

Well nothing much is new, unfortunately. I signed up for my classes for Spring and I’m taking 16 hours. That’s a shitload, right? Lucky for me though 3 hrs of it are for a maymester class. So no worries til the end of the semester. I’m so disappointed in myself because I only did 2 classes this semester. I have got to play catch up so I can get my degree ASAP. Hopefully I’ll be done in Spring of 2010, all 5 years after I graduated high school. Ugh thats depressing just thinking about it. At least I’m getting SOMETHING compared to doing nothing and not having anything to show for it.


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