USSA / 22nd Birthday

Well last night was election night and we have our first “black” president. *GaG* Seriously? OMG this is a tangent that I don’t want to bother with but at the same fucking time I want to let loose everything that’s building up. First off I don’t consider myself Republican OR Democrat. I would vote for whomever I agree with. Well I didn’t quite agree with either so I didn’t vote, maybe I should have voted McCain just for the military fact. Considering that Mike is going DoD and we’ll be in the military system again. God only knows what kind of plans Osama (Obama) has for the defense of our country. I really hope he rises to the occasion and proves us all wrong. If not, there are going to be a BUNCH of pissed off white people who voted for him. I agreed with a few of his points but not enough for me to vote for him. Same for McCain though, I think he was too conservative just like Obama is too liberal. We need an independent in the office who will be a happy medium for both parties. God knows that all these fucking niggers (yes, I used the “n” word, for just reason too) are going to start committing more crimes and mooching off of the system more just because they think their “brotha” will be more lenient on them. FUCK YOU GUYS! Yet again all the conservatives with their pro-life, no gay marriages bullshit was starting to piss me off as well. That’s why I’m neither party. I firmly believe in pro-choice for abortions, partial birth abortions under certain circumstances and gay marriage. Our very country was founded on “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.” If those things make people better able to live their lives then SO FUCKING BE IT! Leave them alone. What if we were like China and you could only have one child? We all of a sudden had a law banning more than one child per family. Wouldn’t that be voiding one’s pursuit of happiness because they wanted a big family? Or having arranged marriages, your liberty to CHOSE whom you marry. C’mon people use the brain God gave you. Who knows though. All I know is that Sarah Palin better run for President in 2012 because she definitely has my vote!!!

On a lighter note, today was my 22nd Birthday!! Didn’t do much, just went and had lunch with my love and my family. Got a few items but it was cool, nice to chill for the afternoon. Tomorrow I took off of work (first day off in 40+ days) and will probably hang out with my mom for a while. I had a good birthday, nothing too exciting. Cant believe I’m 22, geez I feel so old. Its just weird now. Anyways, Private Practice has already started, thank God its DVRed. I’m out!


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