It’s that bad now?

I live and work on the northeast side of town. When my family moved here in the late 80’s this was the “nice” side of town. Very low crime, homicide unheard of, and your kids were safe. Nearly 20 years later and the place of work I THOUGHT was safe has a shooting about 100 feet from MY desk. It’s still considered a decent side of town, Randolph Air Force base is about 2 miles down the road, tons of officers patrol the area but yet this still happens. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that because we are a nice side of town that it could never happen. I’m not that ignorant. I just had this trust, maybe? I don’t know how to word it that something like this wouldn’t happen, its just so surreal. Why is my life suddenly filled with crime and violence? I wasn’t raised this way, nor was I throwing myself into a scene filled with it either.

I fully cant understand the magnitude of what has happened. When I left work yesterday at 1215-ish and the next gal took over and everything was fine. People were in the library where this occurred doing homework or whatever. It was quiet, it was calm, nothing out of the ordinary. The crazy thing bout this was usually I can feel when something major is about to happen. I get these gut feelings that something is wrong. Maybe it would’ve been too soon to get the feeling I don’t know. Anyways I get to work and start looking up news articles whatever I can to figure this out. The girl from yesterday that came in after me apparently saw the whole thing and was a first responder. Kudos to her, she’s a strong woman. This is so surreal.

After this it makes you not want to go out in public. God knows what ANYONE is capable of doing. Yet how sad that our world is coming to this point that you don’t feel safe anywhere, not even your own home. Well I don’t at least.

Something to ponder on.


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