Things are easing up

So Im in the FWS program and I love it. Lots of busy work like filing, sorting and whatnot but it’s in the setting I love. Being in an office. Anyways, Mike got a job with an EMS company until he can get onto a dept and I think he’s glad just to be out of the house doing something. LoL I am too cuz I was getting bored for him. So Im having to drop two of my classes, and need to bust my ass on the two Ive got. They were online classes and something is jacked up on our comp and I cant connect the link to the classes. Its gay but whatever. The other two, hopefully Ill pass one and the other I know Im making an A in cuz I got a 94 on the test! WHOO HOO!!!!! I was so effin proud of myself. Yeah so things are starting to fall into place very slowly but surely. Gradually getting out of debt, talk bout serious budgeting. I just want to be able to go on date night again. Even dinner and a movie. Just to get out and enjoy ourselves. I really want to go bowling. So much to get done yet so little time and money. I cant wait to have a degree and be working in a badass company doing what I love. In due time. Well off to do some homework then back to work. Damn the bills!


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