Exploding Brain?

There’s too much to think about. Im tempted to leave the blog just like this.

School- 4 classes; full time; lots of papers; ugh. Have to get A’s and B’s so I can get a 2.0 and get off of Academic Probation, all contributions from the ex.Im so sick and tired of him getting everything he wants and needs and my simple things in life are a struggle. Back to school issues, I was accepted into a Federal work study program. Shitty pay but great opportunity to build up my resume. I’ll take it along with my other job so I can keep my head above water. Classes are actually cool minus math, ugh how I hate math. Working on my Business Management degree, we’ll see how well this goes.

Work- Mentioned FWS thing, still at my other job as well. Let’s see I absolutely love WHAT I do but HATE WHERE I am. I love being a cashier and helping hungry people, LoL. I cant stand the owner of this place and the bull he puts everyone through not to mention the sexual harassment I put up with from one of the managers. If I didnt need this job so bad I would def quit.

Love- Is awesome when you find the real thing. I really am speechless, we’ve been together over a year and it just keeps getting better. Yes the times are rough but whats new in my life. I cant wait for us to get our lives in order and one day start a family. Divorced first so I can start this new life. It’s so much more than just a paper/legality. It’s a tie to someone you have no care for. A reminder of a deadly mistake from years ago. A burden to say the least to keep you from moving on. It’s so hard to explain but yet so easily pisses me off when I think about it. Meh enough of this topic.

Life- Ahhhh the woes of medical bills. Dont you love the early morning phone calls of people from the hospital calling you to make arrangements to pay them? OOOOOK, youre right. I should pay them but… the problem is I didnt bring this upon myself why should I pay them? Nothing against the Dr.’s and staff, this is above them. Anyways, I have a Dr. appt in a month or so for yet another surgery. This one to give me some kind of function in my thumb again, but there will be more scars, I can deal with that. OH OH OH I have learned how to tie my shoes again AND put my hair in a ponytail! WHOO HOO FOR ME! Sometimes Im not that successful but its worth it in the end to keep trying. Im attempting typing with both hands but its a smidge complicated when some of my fingers dont move without bringing another with it. One day, hopefully Ill be able to do it again.

Anyways I just needed to put my thoughts down or I was going to scream. I have so much on my mind that Im not sure if its supposed to be there or not. Well Im off to work on homework.

*Make it a great day or not the choice is yours.*


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