Necessities of Life

1) Food
2) Water
3) Shelter
4) Love (later in life this also constitutes sex)
5) Faith
So of course it’s my fave number and all the essentials to life. The first 3 are basics and without them you physically can not survive.

Now love… can be from family, friends and even a significant other. Medically speaking, without love you don’t get the good feelings, endorphins, and then you’re life is just blah. I would know in the sense that living away from your family with an SO that doesn’t love you… well life sucks. Being tired all the time, not wanting to go out with friends, hating everything you do. All in all you literally have nothing to live for. Complete opposite having someone who adores you is the most amazing feeling ever. You want to succeed, you want to better yourself, want to be all you can be. Its just essential, especially for me because I crave affection, not attention because I hate being stared at or being the center of people convo. Yet I love to be held and touched, loved.

Faith well I do believe it’s very important yet I’m still working on this one. I’ve strayed away from my faith because of a lot of things that went down when I was in high school. Now after nearly losing my life and begging God to help me get through everything I need to get straight again. I don’t mean from drugs or drinking or anything like that but just in my heart. Need to figure out my priorities and start forgiving. I just need some peace in my life and I gotta start with my faith first.

Anywho, those are my essentials. Maybe yours are different maybe they’re the same. I think everyone should take a moment and think about their own life essentials and make sure they are following the path they want and that is right for them.


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