Day by Day

Have you ever wondered when your own fairy tale will come true? When you can finally stop holding your breath for that one man, one life, or one dream. I love the man I have, patiently waiting for the one life with him and to one day have the American Dream with him.

Mike is done with EMT school just needs to take his national test. This has been a very long 8 months but well worth the wait. I’m so proud of him and his hard work with everything. Hopefully he can find a job in town but I’m starting to like the idea of moving. BUT….

I got back into school. So that would entail staying here for the semester. Oh well at least Im in school, makes me so happy. I’ve got to get a 2.0 so I can get more scholarships and whatnot.

Volunteering, thoughts? I love to do it, jus trying to find time around school and work to do it. There was an article talking bout a habitat for humanity kind of thing but it’s for the troops,like injured soldiers here in town. I think Im going to try to do that. I feel indebted to those protecting my freedom, especially for my brother and boyfriend.

Lots to think about and tons to get done. Oh yeah and attempting to redecorate the townhouse. AYE!!!



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