*Pat on Back*

I have successfully found another job, working open to close 3 days a week. And bullshitting the other 4!!! This is awesome. It doesnt pay as well but it’s so much less stress and much more time for school. Hopefully Ill be taking 3-4 classes this semester, catch up on my slack from this past year. I hate not being in school, feels like Im not doing anything with my life.

Oh thank God, Mike is done with the Fire Academy. He’s a certified firefighter now…. thats hot just thinking bout it. Anyways just got bout 9 more wks or so before he can get a job. He’s volunteering and getting more connections for jobs, geezus he knows too many ppl! Im so proud of him I cant find words for it. Im glad he got to accompllish his dream and just makes me realize even though it’s taking me a while to do school I’ll accomplish mine too.

OH YEAH… divorce. Eh well……. all the paperwork is filed and pending but I have to pay $300 in court costs that I DONT HAVE, and of course who would expect less of douche to not put forth anything. Selfish shit… nothing surprises me anymore but Im so sick of being attatched to him and want to drop him like a bad habit. Ive got my new job, new man, new life and yet this awful bad memory haunting me. I wish so many bad things to happen to him but yet he’s still there and more successful than me. Thats something else I dont understand. How do people that do so many bad things have such good things happen to them? Yet Ive done everything Im supposed to in the right steps but yet Im always in some kind of rut. Im tired of God testing my strength, I want to be happy with no worries. Seruiously? What does it take?

Well Im still moving on with life, looking to the future, and waiting for my new niece or nephew to come along. Yes, it’ll be #5. My goodness Im getting old. Starting to get baby fever but then I look at my bank account and throw myself back into reality. In due time along with the fresh start and the bad memory throw into the sewer. I’m out, duece!


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