November 5th, 1986

Should be a Holiday is all I’m saying.

LoL so I had my 21st birthday this year and it was awesome! I got plastered but not to the point where I was sick all night. That was not my goal by any means. I went out with the guy that I’m dating and a few of his friends to a lil hole in the wall bar and WE BOTH got trashed for 20 bucks! (Well we also started before we left the house with free beer but that was a whole story on it’s own.) So a few people from work were supposed to meet us but they went somewhere else cuz they wanted a crowd and I’m not into that idea. Anywho it was good fun with some good memories. Kinda glad everything so far has worked out this way, cuz if I was still with the husband he wouldn’t have been able to drink (he’s younger than me) or if I went out with different ppl I would’ve gotten hell for it. So I’m glad this has worked out so far to my advantage. Only thing is I still dont understand how people do that night after night. Cuz I felt like serious shit the next day. But the point of the matter is that 1) I’m 21!!! and 2) I’ve got an awesome guy to spend it with. That was fun, crazy but fun. We’ll see what the next event is.


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