Well if that is the case, does that make me biased now? WHO THE FUCK CARES!!!! I HATE Mexican Nationals with the biggest passion. Especially since I live here in South Texas. They come to OUR country to buy us out of everything, then go back to the border to be compensated for our taxes. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT? First off you did not see that happen when I went to Mexico and bought shit there. If youre supposed rich arse is coming here to buy things then you need to pay taxes like everyone else, if not order it online!!! So they drive across the border in a Ford Excursion NO WAIT I take that back a Chevy Suburban (cuz they have to have the most expensive of everything) and pile their 5 kids, their brothers’ and sisters’ 5 kids for each family and all their luggage into it like it’s no big deal. Oh wait but someone needs to drive another vehicle so that way on the way home we have space for all the SHIT we bought. UGH… Ok now that aside they go back home to Mexico where they belong and we dont have to deal with them til next year’s tax free weekend.

The Nationals that live here… OH SHIT!!! I’m sorry but I dont give a rat’s ass who you are and where you came from but once you LIVE in America (Texas for that matter) you are American. If your country was so bad dont you DARE FUCKIN DISRESPECT OURS AND STILL CLAIM YOUR ORIGINAL NATIONALITY!!!! If thats the case GET THE FUCK OUT! This whole immigration bullshit that is goin on in TX, I think there should be an electrical fence and every little fucker gets zapped for comin through. How the hell are they even allowed to buy real estate? Oh wait and then let’s give you special treatment because “woe is me I came from a bad country, even though my parents are part of Mexican Mafia and have a shit load of money” and we’ll give you a scholarship because you can bullshit your way through an essay about where you came from. Also free medical is important for you idiots but their own Americans dont have access to that? No way!!! Take your fuckin ass back to where it belongs. Ok I’m done now. I just wish God would put some kind of barrier up on the border that kept them out.


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