I feel like…

I’m in high school again. Some of it good some of it bad. House arrest sucks, thanks to my husband. Being pursued… now that is a great feeling. This whole “dating” thing is kinda interesting but yet weird all at the same time. Well I went on my first nice, real date in God knows how long. I got to relax and not worry bout what someone was goin to think about what I had to say. I know dinner and a movie is so cliche but it was fun. It’s like I was holding back for so long and now I can be myself and not worry about consequences for stupid reasons. Yes I’m cautious of what I say in the sense that I’m trying to be a better person and should ease up on being such a bitch. Yet it’s hard when that was your defense mechanism for so long. Finally someone who cares bout my opinions and thoughts and doesn’t belittle me for them. Everything I want (for the most part) is coming true in what I need in an Significant Other. Things I didnt realize I longed for he does and catches me off guard. A true Southern gentleman. What do I do without realizing it? Try and push him away. Glad I have some awesome friends who slap me back to reality and tell me not to let this one go. We shall see what happens in a month or so when the legal stuff starts to roll. I need to get the damn monkey off my back already. I dont know, I’m so confused, amazed and pissed at the same time. Does anyone know how aggravating it is to type a 5 page paper for English with one hand???? Think about it.


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