What Happens…

when the love of your life destroys you mentally, emotionally and physically?

Well I did not have a choice but to gather all of myself and keep on moving with life. I wouldnt say my life is shot to hell and woe is me but SHIIIIIIIIIIIIT, a lot of things are on hold for a long ass while. Work is def on hold, school I’m just having to work a little bit harder so he doesnt fuck up my GPA again, and me? HA! Whatever, I haven’t really had time to dwell on the situation. I’m too busy with appointments out the ass for God knows what now. I’m still thanking God every chance I get for saving my life and getting me out of that stupid situation that I had to endure. So now I’m moving on with a fresh start, school, work and a new man. This should be interesting.


One thought on “What Happens…

  1. Anonymous

    Your world crashes entirely, you're stripped of everything, you wonder what's left, but you pick up the pieces and start the puzzle all over again even tho the world doesn't seem to want you to succeed. All that's left to do is move on and roll with life as it comes along, deal with the bullshit and do what's best for your own intentions. Be strong like I know you are and hold onto your stubborness, that's what'll keep you on your feet.


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